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Auditions for An Act of the Imagination by Bernard Slade

Bowie Community Theatre announces auditions for “An Act of the Imagination” written by Bernard Slade, and directed by Patrick Gorirossi.

Auditions are Tuesday and Wednesday, January 19 and 20, from 7pm-9pm at
Kenhill Center
2614 Kenhill Drive
Bowie, MD 20715
Room 121

Call-backs, if needed, will be on Thursday, January 21 at 7pm. Auditionees will be asked to do cold readings from the script. Please bring any conflicts you have for January through February. The play opens March 4 and runs weekends through March 20.


A masterful suspense tale involving Arthur Putnam, a successful mystery writer whose latest work has strangely turned into a romance - a vivid and adulterous romance. Arthur’s son, second wife and editor marvel at the truthfulness of the work, remarkable since it is inconceivable that he could ever have had such an affair. Enter a woman, who is intent on blackmail and whose story is foolproof and airtight: it appears that Arthur has been trysting away from home. Death stalks: the other woman disappears and evidence incriminates Arthur in her murder. There is a conspiracy to do Arthur in, a conspiracy that entails cunning, deceit and ingenious plotting.

Character Descriptions: (3 adult men, 4 adult women)

  • ARTHUR PUTNAM - mid to late fifties, an unromantic looking, appealing eccentric

  • JULIA PUTNAM - probably late forties, very beautiful, warm, graceful

  • SIMON PUTNAM - mid twenties, attractive, charming, impetuous

  • DETECTIVE SERGEANT FRED BURCHITT - a spry, friendly Londoner in his mid fifties

  • HOLLY ADAMS - pretty, enthusiastic, bright, vivacious, in her mid to late twenties

  • BRENDA SIMMONS - late twenties, off-beat, unpredictable, slightly unkempt

  • BROOKE CARMICHAEL - mid thirties, cooly beautiful with an unforced elegance and charm

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