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Murder Mystery Theatre

Murder Mystery Theatre

Murder is About to be Committed by BCT Murder Mystery Troupe and You're Invited to Solve the Crime!

It's entertainment worth dying for!

Read What Audience Members at Previous Mysteries Have Said About Bowie Community Theatre's Murder Mystery Troupe!

Thanks again so much for accommodating our groups at the Murder Mysteries and for putting on such a fabulous show! The two groups that attended last week were thrilled. In fact one of the groups is asking to return in August:) And another one said: "It was great! They had so much fun and the actors really stumped us on who the killer was!"

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Solve A Murder Every Month!

  • A Starring Role - for You! Be the investigator who solves this Murder Mystery!

  • Where Murder Is Committed: Wendy's located at 16400 Harbour Way in Bowie, MD 20716.

  • Murder Date and Time: Third Wednesday each month, starting at 7:00PM

  • Price of Murder: FREE!

  • Be a Captive Audience and Support YOUR Local Theatre! We hope you enjoy dinner at Wendy's between 6pm-9pm on this night as 20% of all your food and drink purchases (as well as drive-through sales) are donated to Bowie Community Theatre.

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Schedule Your Own Private Murder Mystery:

  • BCT Murder Mystery Troupe has performed murder mysteries for organizations at Snow Hill Manor, which is located at 13301 Laurel-Bowie Road in Laurel, MD 20708. The staff of Maryland National Capital Park & Planning Commission have said this about BCT Murder Mystery Troupe: "Very professional talent, a lot of fun, kept the adults and teens involved totally".

  • Schedule a Murder Mystery Performed by BCT Murder Mystery Troupe for your group, church, or organization by e-mailing

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Mug Shots From Past BCT Murder Mysteries:

Movie of "Murder is a Fine Art", performed on 11/19/14 at Wendy's by BCT's Murder Mystery Troupe. This Smilebox movie consists of pictures and videotaped performances spliced together nicely with musical accompaniment. BCT thanks Adele Richardson for using her talented skills as photographer, videographer, and moviemaker!


Cast Photo: "Gobble, Gobble, Death and Trouble"

Gobble Gobble Fundraiser

Cast & audience of "I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus" at Wendys on 12/18/13:

Cast & audience  of I Saw Mommy Killing Santa at Wendys on 12/18/13

Cast members of "Curse of the Comet" at Wendys on 01/15/14:

Cast members of Curse of the Comet at Wendys on 01/15/14

Cast members of "Murder Most Green" on 02/08/14:

Cast members of Murder Most Green performed on 02/08/14

Cast members of "Lurking Down the Bunny Trail" at Wendys
on 04/16/14

Cast members of Lurking Down the Bunny Trail at Wendys on 04/16/14
Audience members of "Lurking Down the Bunny Trail" at Wendys
on 04/16/14 - 75 members - our largest turnout to date!

Audience members of Lurking Down the Bunny Trail at Wendys on 04/16/14 - 75 members, our largest tournout to date!

Suspect revealed in "Murder is Par for the Course" at Wendys
on 05/21/14

Suspect revealed of Murder is Par for the Course at Wendys on 05/21/14.

Suspect reveals alibi/details in "Death Ahoy" at Wendys
on 06/18/14

Suspect reveals alibi/details of Death Ahoy at Wendys on 06/18/14

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Past Monthly Murders Committed at Wendy's:

  • Betting on Death
  • Curse of the Comet
  • Death is a Cabernet Ol' Chum
  • Evil at the Beach
  • Evil Never Dies
  • Gobble, Gobble, Death and Trouble
  • Hulas and Homicide
  • I Loathe a Parade
  • I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus
  • Love Writes a Deadly Verse
  • Murder is Par for the Course
  • Murder Most Green
  • Quicker Than the Eye
  • The Cat Screamed at Midnight

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Meet the Suspects of BCT Murder Mystery Troupe:

YOU! Become a suspect (member) of BCT Murdery Mystery Troupe. Pick your character for the murder mystery of the month and dress the part in your own costume. A small script about your character will be provided. You'll give a small introduction about your character's involvement with the "deceased" of the murder mystery and be questioned by the audience gathering clues to determine if your character is the murderer. We guarantee you'll have fun and live through it! Contact

Current Troupe Suspects:

  • Jim Adams
  • Shawn Armwood
  • Bernadette Arvidson
  • Bridget Arvidson
  • Kathryn Barrett-Gaines
  • Joanne Bauer
  • Scott Beadle
  • Cynthia Bentley
  • Fred Bentley
  • Donna Bertrand
  • Fred Bentley
  • Sharon Patricia Cunningham-Schultz
  • Rosalie Daelmans
  • Michael Forgetta
  • Marty Hayes
  • Walter Hill
  • Michael Hite
  • Justyne Hughes
  • Anne Hull
  • Latisha Jones
  • Ken Kienas
  • Cate Krage
  • Carole Long
  • Mathew Moore
  • John Nunemaker
  • Brenda Parker
  • Cindy Parker
  • Shenna Ross
  • Joe Thompson
  • Terri Trembeth
  • Ted Tuck
  • Barbara Webber
  • Kate Wheeler
  • Alexis Whitaker
  • Gerard Williams

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Murder - Read All About It!

BCT Murder Mystery Troupe has had great success and has been well received by audiences since its inception. Our first Murder Mystery can be found at from October, 2011.

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